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The Akashas to be jailed for life after pleading guilty in the US

The Akashas to be jailed for life after pleading guilty in the US

It is end of the road for Kenyan drug trafficking brothers Baktash Akasha and Ibrahim Akasha after they pleaded guilty in the USA.

They pleaded guilty to six counts of drug trafficking and corruption charges at a court in New York.

News about the two were announced by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations(DCI) on Twitter.

The office thanked the head of Anti Narcotics unit for preparing an irrefutable case that saw the Akasha plead guilty.

DCI office tweeted, "The DCI Director appreciates a lot the close collaboration demonstrated between the @DCI_Kenya and @DEAHQ of the United States in this particular case that led to the accused persons pleading guilty."

The office also said the director personally flew to the United States to have the two plead guilty to the charges.

“The Director AntiNarcoticsUnit personally flew to the USA having diligently prepared the case and managed to have the two accused persons plead guilty to drug trafficking charges, corruption to defeat extradition and conspiracy to use guns to facilitate their drug trafficking business, " DCI said.

A warrants of arrest of the two was issued by the US government in 2014.

They were latter arrested in Mombasa on January 28, 2017 and then transferred to the custody of US Drug Enforcement Agency personnel.

The Akasha brothers faced charges of conspiracy to smuggle 98 kilogrammes of heroin into USA.
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