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Shock as Swahili lady is divorced over badly cooked pilau

Shock as Swahili lady is divorced over badly cooked pilau

Did you know that being unable to prepare your man's favorite dish can see you part ways with your hubby?

Mariam Hiribae, a Tana River County lady has just been divorced after she was "unable to properly" prepare her husband's, Said Kofa favorite meal.

The duo who had been married for one and a half years, called it a quit after Mr Kofa threw up "tasteless" pilau prepared by Hiribae.

Hiribae told a local daily that Kofi had been insisting she cook pilau for him despite Hiribae revealing she preferred to hire a professional cook because she did not know how to cook the meal very well.

Kofa always enjoyed the pilau until the last day of their marriage when he insisted she prepare the meal herself.

Poor Hiribae spent two hours cooking the meal while following a recipe she got from her neighbour to the letter.

This time round she was confident it was accurately prepared.

Hiribae said she even tasted it after cooking and it was perfect, "I took my time to prepare that dish. I tasted it before serving, and it was okay. That was the best I ever did as a learner.”

However, it all went south after Mr Kofa's first bite . He headed to the washrooms and vomited everything. Kofi accused Hiribae of planning to kill him with bad food.

Hiribae received her divorce the following day as stated in the Islamic laws.

When Kofi was asked about the divorce he said, "I owe no one an explanation for decisions I make in my life. It doesn't concern you...How long can you live in a marriage without a child and a wife who can't cook?"
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