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1.6million BMW cars recalled worldwide due to a defect causing fire

1.6million BMW cars recalled worldwide due to a defect causing fire

BMW is asking over 1.6 million people worldwide who purchased its makes between 2010 and 2016 to return them due a recently discovered fault that can cause fire.

The defect as been identified in some diesel vehicles.

It has been found that glycol cooling fluid can leak from a faulty component called the exhaust gas recirculation cooler, which can combine with other substances like soot in the system to create fire, the group said on Tuesday.

Reuters reported that, BMW’s South Korean branch apologized over about thirty car fires reported between January and July in the country.

There were no injuries reported.

Chairman of Korea branch, Kim Hyo-joon said at a presser, "For the recent series of fire incidents happened in the country, we sincerely apologize for causing worry and anxiety among people and government authorities."

The German high-end carmaker said in a statement that customers with affected cars would be contacted.
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