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Telcos in Kenya increase prices by 39 cents

Telcos in Kenya increase prices by 39 cents

Telco companies Airtel, Telkom, and Zuku have increased their prices due to the just passed 15 % excise duty in the Finance Bill 2018.

"The application of the excise duty by the government has led to an increase in the charges payable for the internet component of Zuku Fiber packages," Zuku has said.

Voice and data tariffs will go up by 30 cents each while SMS tariff will go up by 10 cents effective October 23.

This means Telkom off-net calls are going to cost Ksh3.30cts per minute, on-net calls Ksh2.30cts per minute and SMS (any-net) will cost Ksh 1.10cts per SMS.

Telkom also added that Pay-As-You-Go for mobile data will now cost 30 cents more per MB.

"The mobile data bundle prices will not be affected,"The firm said on Monday.

Airtel will increase prices for all voice and data bundles including Unliminet, Tubonge and Amazing Data bundles remain unchanged.

Zuku, which is the leading home internet service provider in Kenya has also increased its prices.

The move by the three companies comes one week after Safaricom prices went up by 30 cents for voice calls and data and by 10 cents for SMS.
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