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Governor Waiguru twerking video excites Kenyans

Governor Waiguru twerking video excites Kenyans

A video of Kirinyaga Governor Hon Anne Waiguru twerking has left many social media users wowed.

In a video tweeted on her page, she pulled off some wonderful dancing moves as excited Kirinyaga residents cheered wildly.

The moves seemed so professional. She even at one point tried to twerk as she shook her waist seamlessly.

Ms Waiguru outdid all other officials from the county government who were on the stage. She synchronized so well with Mwea Dance group you could even think she was part of the crew.

"Kirinyaga's Got Talent!! DG, MCAs and I got to dust off our dancing skills with this talented youth group from Mwea," Governor Waiguru tweeted.

This sparkled a lot of reactions on social media platforms with many flabbergasted at how skillfully she could dance.

One user Paulinenjoroge said, “Weweee! You’ve got moves!”

Another Kenyan on Twitter by the name DennisMogusu said,"If that's how danced and cat-walked with our money at NYS then not even Noordin can recover them."

ItsmorrisNdegwa said, "Wow, you did great for real. I bet you do this at home alone."

"Hapo madam umepata..ulikoza tu miss Kenya competition ," Okindo Justus added.

The Governor launched Wanguru market during the visit. The market is one of the five reserved for an upgrade in the county.
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