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Okiya Omtata loses bid to stop De La Rue currency printing tender

Okiya Omtata loses bid to stop De La Rue currency printing tender

De La Rue will now commence printing the new-look currency for Kenya after winning currency printing tender in the Court of Appeal.

The Court of Appeal reversed High Court decision to annul the tender.

Judges observed that the Central Bank of Kenya followed the law when awarding the contract and declined the argument that CBK had conspired with the company.

Activist Okiya Omtatah had moved to High Court to challenge the award of the tender claiming that De La Rue did not qualify for the 15 per cent margin of preference because it is not accepted dealer under Kenyan law.

In response, De La Rue argued that it was the only bidder with locally registered and accepted affiliates.

“On the whole, the appeal succeeds. The Judgment and Decree of the High Court hereby set aside and substituted with an order dismissing the said petition with no order as to costs ...,” judges of the Court of Appeal ordered.
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