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Sossion says Teachers' strike to start on 17th October

Sossion says Teachers' strike to start on 17th October

Knut Secretary-General Wilson Sossion on Friday warned there could be a looming national strike beginning on 17th October if TSC does not drop some punitive policies they are enforcing.

Mr Sossion who is also a nominated Member of parliament spoke in Teso North during World Teachers Day celebration on Friday.

He said the policies, which include delocalisation and appraisal for teachers do not respect the country's Constitution.

“Key among the issues we raised was a call to TSC to rescind delocalisation, the new curriculum, recognise teachers’ career progression, teachers’ promotions and appraisal policies,” Hon Sossion said.

He also warned KNEC to prepare for interruptions during KCPE and KCSE exams if the stand-off between TSC and the union will not have been solved by October 17.

"...if they will choose to defy us, we shall blow the whistle and call all teachers including the examiners to industrial action so that national examinations will be interrupted," he added.
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