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Moses Kuria: Referendum will be the 7th ballot in 2022 General Elections

Moses Kuria: Referendum will be the 7th ballot in 2022 General Elections

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has thrown his weight behind former PM Raila Odinga's call for referendum.

In a Facebook post he said, "To my friend Hon Raila Odinga... I agree with you that the 2010 Constitution needs to be changed."

MP Kuria said that the amendments are not about adding new posts but taking the edge off elective and nominated posts.

He said the main objective should be seeing burden for Wanjiku diminished.

"Its not about adding the position of a Prime Minister or creating a parliamentary system," he added.

NASA leader Raila Odinga called for a constitutional amendment after 2017 general elections that saw the presidential election annulled by the Supreme Court.

He argued that it will help in settling the nation's predicaments which are mainly electoral, judicial and governance.

However, his main competitor in 2022 race, Deputy President William Ruto has strongly opposed such calls insisting that it is not the government’s priority at the moment.

Despite the vocal Hon Kuria backing Mr. Raila's call, he says that the amendments vote will be done alongside 2022 general elections to help cut cost.

"We will, therefore, conduct the Punguza Mzigo Referendum alongside the 2022 General Elections as the 7th ballot. Let us do this in a non-contentious way," he said.

Mr. Raila while in Kisumu in September 2018, he asked Kenyans to prepare for a referendum which will be conducted in 2019.
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