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Rowdy youth force Raila to cancel rally in Migori

Rowdy youth force Raila to cancel rally in Migori

Raila Odinga on Friday was forced to avoid Kehancha town where he had planned a rally after Achilo Ayako followers clashed with those of Eddy Oketch.

The Senatorial by election seems to be a two horse race has seen ODM top leaders camp in the area to campaign for their own, Ochillo Ayacko, against

his closest rival of Federal Party of Kenya’s Eddy Gicheru Oketch who is only 27 years old.

The clashes began just when people were gathering to await the former Prime minister.

A local business tycoon going by the name Mnati is believed to have led Eddy supporters to disrupt the rally arguing that Kehancha is Eddy's stronghold.

Security forces were forced to intervene to disperse the rowdy supporters.

As a result, four people were injured in the skirmish.

MP Mathias Robi was also largely blamed for the fracas. He had thrown his weight behind Mr Oketch.

A local political activist, Mr David Nyangi said, "We know that Mr Robi is the one behind all these. He has hired goons, led by Mnati, to disrupt ODM rally. We call upon the police to arrest people behind this."

Kuria votes are expected to be the swing votes in the race between the two horses.

The Senatorial by-election is slated for Monday ,8th of October 2018.
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