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Ksh 4M device police are using to crack any phone for evidence

Ksh 4M device police are using to crack any phone for evidence

Cyber Crime Unit are using a cool Ksh 4 million device that can crack any computer or phone and retrieve all its data - even if it was "permanently" deleted.

The machine - Cellebrite Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) is Israeli-made and it is sold to only authorized government and corporate organizations.

BBC as indicated that all media, locations and call logs can be extracted from phones regardless of the method used to delete the data.

The DCI office together with the Cyber Crime Unit are doing forensic examination of computers and mobile phones

to assemble expert forensic evidence to be used in court on several cases.

Police have used the device to build evidence in many cases including latest crimes murders such as that of Sharon Otieno and Monica Kimani.

It has helped detectives use data retrieved from suspect Jowie's phone to determine his location and communications on the day Monica was murdered in her house.

Computer forensics using the machine have also cracked communication among different suspects in the murder of Sharon Otieno.

The device is worth the money considering the swiftness with which evidence is being acquired and suspects being arraigned in courts.

UFED photo by Tessa Stevens
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