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Retired Police get new NHIF deal

Retired Police get new NHIF deal

Retired police officers will now be covered after they partnered with NHIF.

The new partnership will help spouses and five children aged below 21 or maximum 25 years with a full proof that they are still in school.

The cover targets more than 1,000 retired officers under the umbrella body National Association of Retired Police Officers in Kenya.

The officers were comprehensively covered while in service and the benefits should be extended when they are retired,

NHIF CEO Geogrey Mwangi said on Monday.

"The health insurance needs of the retired officers are unique to their profession and circumstances.

Some might have been exposed to health-threatening scenarios while serving and are suffering from them up to now. They will not be locked out due to their age and other circumstances," the CEO added.

They will be able to enjoy services such as renal dialysis, consultation, laboratory services, drugs, dental,
optical, radiology, rehabilitation services if needed, annual medical check-ups, maternity and referral services.

"The cover also includes emergency rescue either by road or by air by Red Cross and KIDL.

Officers will have access to a facility of their choice wherever they will be," Mr. Mwangi added.
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