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Nairobi city outshines others in property market transparency

Nairobi city outshines others in property market transparency

A South African-based real estate firms has said in a joint statement that Kenya ranks high in leading in transparency of the real estate market across sub-Saharan Africa.

Kenya and Nigeria are the key focal points in the endeavor to meet the growing expectations of business,

investors and communities in east and west Africa, respectively. This is as indicated by JLL & LaSalle’s Global Real Estate Transparency Index.

“It is positive to note progress on Sub-Saharan Africa’s transformative journey is being led by the West and East African hubs of Nigeria and Kenya,”
said the firms in the statement released from their office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“Governments worldwide have been gradually forging greater transparency in real estate markets,

and while improvement is selective in Africa, advances have certainly been made in the accessibility and quality of real estate data,
with the potential to deliver significant change,” the firm said.

It added that transparency is advancing at a more muted pace than in previous years and progress is slow where businesses demand much higher standards.
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