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Kenyan Billionaire Chatur 77 Billion property on sale. Want to exit Kenya

Kenyan Billionaire Chatur 77 Billion property on sale. Want to exit Kenya

We can't even find a photo online of Mr. Madatali Chatur, a proof that the Kenyan billionaire lives a quiet life.

The arrest of Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter alongside Mr Arthur Ingolo Sakwa and "a Mr Madatali Chatur" in February, 2018 for what the Central Bank of Kenya and the Banking Fraud Investigations Unit said was presenting a forged 90-day Treasury Bills dated 1990 was what brought tycoon Madatali Chatur in the public limelight after many years.

For more than three decades, Mr Chatur constructed an enviable empire with a few properties on several sections of land spread all over Kenya, which he asserts ascended from an electronic shop that he opened in River Road, Nairobi, in 1977.

Madatali Chatur choice to sell all his Kenyan properties, evaluated to be worth Sh76.99 billion, more likely than not got everybody off guard.

It is not clear why he want to exit Kenya even though we can guess the businessman isn't getting admirably well with government authorities.

City Hall in August alerted his tenant at New Muthaiga Mall and an auto bazaar the magnate possesses in Gigiri that it would demolish the constructions arguing that the he obtained building approvals unlawfully.

His commercial buildings include Mithoo House, Diamond Plaza, Diamond Plaza II, Hope International, Ngara Shopping Complex, Simba Centre, Mariam Arcade, Likoni Mall, Trust Building and New Muthaiga Shopping Mall.
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