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Huduma Centres have reduced corruption and saved Kenyans Millions. Study shows

Huduma Centres have reduced corruption and saved Kenyans Millions. Study shows

The Huduma Kenya Program effectively finished its first stage early this year by setting up at least one Huduma Center in each of the 47 counties across Kenya.

The Program will stamp five years in November this year since it was set up. It has accomplished a total of 52 Huduma Centers nationally, a large portion of which are in Nairobi.

Huduma Centers have spared Kenyans millions of shillings that could have been lost through corruption and transportation to get to government offices, study has found.

The study on the impact of Huduma Centers demonstrates that their services spare each Kenyan at least Sh422 in transportation costs.

Huduma Kenya served a sum of 814,151 Kenyans who are approximated to have saved Sh343.5 Million in transportation costs in under 100 days, the Rapid Results Initiative discovered.

“On the overall, citizen’s transport costs have been reduced by 67 per cent due to services provided by Huduma Centres in the country,” shows the internal audit.

Likewise, the report says Huduma Centers administrations have contributed fundamentally to the decrease of corruption in getting government services by 96% when contrasted with the traditional service points.
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