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Rafiki the lesbians romance film premiers in Nairobi

Rafiki the lesbians romance film premiers in Nairobi

Rafiki, an acclaimed film depicting a lesbian love affair premiered on Sunday to excited Nairobians.

The film was showed at Prestige Cinema in the city and it will continue to be performed for seven days. This is after high court on Friday lifted a restriction on the film, making it qualified to be entered for Oscar. Rafiki signifies "companion" in the Swahili dialect.

Rafiki had to be shown in the East African nation for it to qualify as Kenya's entrance under the Best Foreign Language Film class at the 2019 Academy Awards.

The court ruling charmed the producers but rankled the Kenya Film Classification Board, which prohibited the film in April in light of the fact that it advances homosexuality, which is a criminal offense under a colonial-era law.

After Friday's court ruling , the Kenya Film Classification Board said regardless it considered Rafiki ethically subversive.

As a result, excited Kenyans turning out on Sunday afternoon to watch the film, which the cinema ended up airing on an additional screen after more than 450 people showed up.

Rafiki premiered in May at Cannes and was the first Kenyan film to be chosen by the prestigious festival. Critics hailed it a "sweet" romance about two young women who live in the same Nairobi housing estate.
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