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Redsan literally gives his producer Sappy a beat.

Redsan literally gives his producer Sappy a beat.

Sappy the producer abuses Redsan and it doesn't end well.

In an audio released by the producer, you could clearly hear the two contending over something before Redsan slaps the person.

During the day, Redsan was not able connect with the producer through his telephone, and accordingly he chose to go to his home, and that is the place things got out of control.

As indicated by the producer and another performer by the name Avid, Redsan raged their studio as they were working and a boisterous encounter resulted from that point.

In the recorded audio, Redsan is heard yelling at Sappy.

"Nataka usimame wewe ni mwanaume. Simama," Redsan is heard saying with hints of what seem, by all accounts, to be slaps and seats being pulled.

It isn't yet clear what caused the battle even after Sappy and Avid took to online life to share pictures of the wounds they endured following Redsan's asserted assault.
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